The Kettle Is Off for a While

Live comedy in Bristol (and everywhere) is in a time of great uncertainty due to the COVID-19 virus.

We’ve taken down the events calendar for now. So many events have been forced to cancel, and the idea of cramming lovely punters into intimate spaces just doesn’t seem the right thing to do for a while.

Comedy in Bristol is on hold, but Bristol Comedy―as a scene―continues. All the people and businesses that make this scene go are still here, and we’re all gonna need to watch out for each other in the months ahead.

Our hope is to be able to provide news and information and to stay in touch with the folks who make this scene so amazing. We’d like to show you ways you can help, as we’ll all need support to keep this vibrant scene alive over the challenging times ahead.

The seats are gonna miss your bums, but we’ll get them back together soon. For right now, let’s keep the scene healthy.


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