RIP Cogs

One day the world will be a better place, we will love each other and share things together. It wont be a something for nothing world or everything for some, but fair shares for all. We will live in a world where there is nothing to be gained from making people look small and putting others down, and when that day comes, I’m fucked.

Ian Cognito

This week Bristol lost a legend. Ian Cognito, a.k.a. Paul Barbieri, died as he’d predicted, on stage. He was a hugely influential and iconic member of the UK circuit for over 30 years.

There’s been an outpouring of memories and reflections on Twitter in the past couple days, from comics who’d known him, or punters who’d witnessed his act and never forgotten it. But for many Bristol-area comedians there was a connection with the man that makes this an especially difficult loss. He took new comics aside, out for a drink―more likely several―and he represented a commitment to the purity of the art and a refusal to compromise that will serve as a guide to those he inspired for a long, long time.

This quote from comedian Nick Page stood out:

A poet’s soul in the body of a stunt man, the comedy circuit’s Oliver Reed, our Autolycus, our Faust, our Falstaff. Our comic, not the public’s not television’s. Ours.

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Bath Comedy Festival

We asked Director Nick Steel to give us a plug for the three-week comedy festival, (which is fitting given their logo).

Bath Comedy Festival, which is in full swing, has twenty days in which to prove that the city isn’t just Jane Austen and Georgian splendour. The Festival shows another side of the queen city of the West, one which utilises myriad hidden venues, animates the streets and presents an extraordinary range of comedy offerings from household names to brand new up and coming talent.

Big names are represented by such worthies as Henning Wehn, Arthur Smith and Rory Bremner, whilst 120 newcomers compete for the Lovehoney Newcomer Award through twelve heats, two semi-finals and a grand final of the now nationally renowned New Act Competition, ensuring the future of comedy is in good hands.

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