Laugh While You Can! Election Night fundraiser for The Kettle

Louise Leigh at The Lazy Dog

I mean, what else are you going to do during those nervous hours after you’ve voted, but before any actual results have come in? Why not come out and support your local comedy scene?

We’re throwing a great election party, with a local showcase of some of the best comedians who call Bristol home.

It’s at the Lazy Dog Pub, where we’ve been invited to take over the regular Thursday comedy night slot. You can find all the details of the night and book tickets here.

So far we have a great bill, including Abi Clarke, Liam Pickford, Louise Leigh, James O’Donohugh and many more. There’s even an improv section featuring members from local troupe (do they use that word?) Jazz Police.

All proceeds go to support this very calendar, which you know and love. We’re hoping to cover most of our costs for the year ahead just by having one fun night, and a hot little raffle to boot.

Head on over to Wriggle to book tickets for only six quid. Plus your tickets get you into the raffle where you could win (you guessed it) even more tickets to comedy, some booze, wriggle credit, and some other great surprise prizes. (Thanks to Wriggle for donating the ticketing as well!)

Hob nob with the volunteers who make this thing go, and and enjoy a great showcase that will have you home in time to see what the heck just happened.

Can’t make it, but still want to chuck us a few quid? Yes please!

Let’s see if this whiz-bang works.

The Ultimate Bristol Comedy Guide for Students

Comedy is a great way to get to know a new town, and for students it can make for an easy night out for you and your new mates as you struggle to establish dominance over one another. Free and low-cost shows are a great way to get out while preserving those student loans for binge-drinki textbooks. Yeah…textbooks.

The universities are keen to market Bristol as a city with a booming arts and music scene, but did you know you just landed in the middle of one of the hottest comedy towns anywhere? Russell Howard, Jon Richardson, John Robins, Jayde Adams and Mark Watson are all local produce, having started out in Bristol. And the next crop of amazing comedy talent is out there every night of the week in small pubs and clubs just waiting for you to find them.

We put together a quick guide to help you plug into the scene, emphasizing low-cost nights happening near you. 

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