What’s all this, then?

Our goal is to create a single place where you can find out about locally produced, independent comedy nights.

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Our mission statement is “Bums in seats.” We want to make it easy for punters to find shows, and it’s as simple as that.

What kind of shows do you list?
We list live, public comedy performances that take place in the BS postal code.

How do I list my show?
Add @comedykettle as a co-host of your Facebook event. It should be a single event, not a recurring event, unless you don’t bother listing lineups and details for each show (if it’s an open mic, for example, recurring is probably fine, but most performances with named acts would need single events). After you tag us, we’ll review and accept or decline the co-host request.

That’s it! From there your event would roll up onto our FB page and website.

I tried adding you, but The Kettle doesn’t appear as an option.

Ahhhh, Facebook. Always making it tricksy.

A couple things could be happening. First, make sure you are creating the event from a page, not your personal profile. Your night should have its own Facebook page, as a matter of good practice.

Second, make sure you, from your personal profile, have liked the Kettle. This is not a convoluted scam for us to boost our numbers. It seems to actually matter and has solved this issue in the past.

Do those two things and if that doesn’t work, please message the page on FB so we can look at it with you. We’ll fix it somehow!

What do you want from us?
We list your show for free, but we do ask you to promote the calendar to your audience. At a minimum, we expect your event will mention The Kettle from the stage during your event, something quick along the lines of: “There’s live comedy every night in Bristol, and you can keep up on it all by following The Kettle, Bristol’s Comedy Calendar.” We would also want to be able to have cards out at your event, if we can get some to you. That’s it.

We’d love a mention on social, and for you to generally pass the word along, knowing that every night some other host is pointing a new punter your direction in the same way. Basically, we don’t care if you’re listing Russell Howard at Colston Hall at fifty quid a ticket; we’ll list it for free, but you have to have him or the compere mention the Kettle from the stage. Deal?

What about improv?
Our love and passion is standup. That said, sketch, clowning, improv and musical comedy, it’s all adjacent and overlapping. If we make a judgement call that your event doesn’t make a good fit for our audience, please don’t take it personally. We’ll basically list any show that is comedy-based live performance and of interest to a general audience. What does this mean? I dunno! It’s all so grey I’m sure there are plenty of fringe cases, but if it is being presented as a comedy event with a focus on an audience, (not a workshop, rehearsal, lecture, etc), it’s probably okay. If it’s only for members of one club or not fully public, we’ll probably not list it.

What about storytelling?
If it emphasizes comedy, sure. If not, prolly not.

What about panto?
Fuck panto.

Are there other comedy calendars? What about shows in Chestershropshireford-on-Wye?
There are several other local comedy calendars out there. We’re happy to list any and all we know about (let us know if we’re missing yours!)

How do I start a similar thing in my hamlet/metropolitan area?
We have a pretty simple model, and it’s easily tweaked and copied, if you think it would be of use in your community. We will be writing a blog post soon, once the paint is dry on this brand new project, documenting our design and the reasons behind our design choices. In the meantime, if you wanted to just ask a question (such as, when are you going to get around to writing this blog you’re on about?), just shoot us an email and we’d be up for a chat.

Can I help pay for this?
Oh, hellz yes. Please do. We hope to make this thing self-sustaining in the short term. It doesn’t cost much, but it does cost some. If you appreciate this site, or if you run a night and like butts in your seats, by all means, make a one-time donation or set up a small, recurring one. Heck do it right now:

Can I help in other ways?
Yes please! What do you like to do? What are you good at? We always need content for the blog and social.

Please let us know if you have some photos of local comedy, ideas for posts, or anything else fun that you think we should know about!

What are your Privacy Policies?
So glad you asked. You can find them here.