Bristol’s comedy game show is back – This Next Act Presents: Is This Enough?

If you’re a regular Kettle reader or Bristol comedy-goer (in which case, we love you), you’ve probably noticed This Next Act at the Kingsdown Vaults on the comedy calendar. This long-running night is normally hosted by Alex Kitson, but occasionally he ditches Bristol for exotic climes (or, erm, Leeds), and a crazy little show called Is This Enough? takes over. Cancel your plans for tomorrow night, because it’s back with a bang.

We grilled James O’Donoghue who, along with David Hoare, is the brains behind the show, on what happens when Bristol comedians and improv performers tackle some off-the-wall challenges. Ever wondered what happens when you try to sculpt Lionel Richie’s face using mashed potato? Then this is the show for you.

The Kettle: TL;DR for our busier readers – can you summarise the show in three words, if that’s even possible?

James O’Donoghue: What’s this then?

Intriguing. For anyone who hasn’t seen it before, what actually happens at Is This Enough?

Is This Enough is a show for idiots by idiots. It’s a game show with a twist – the twist is different each show, and the purpose is to be stupid.

This sounds great.

It’s all the most stupid ideas we’ve had, forced upon hard-working comics and improvisers. You’ll laugh; you won’t cry; it won’t change your life, but I love it.

Is This Enough? Game show featuring Bristol comedians at the Kingsdown Vaults

So, which comedians can we expect tomorrow night?

We’ve got Jessie Nixon, Eliza Fraser, John Gallagher, Rosalind Beeson, and special guest Dan Hershbein.

How do you come up with the ideas for each round – is it last-minute, or have you had them in mind for a while?

We tend to come up with ideas and meet up to discuss what’s doable. We come up with a key idea and work out from that. Plenty end up in the ‘maybe, if we get a different venue or any budget in the future’ pile. It tends to be quite well planned, mainly so we know it’s all possible, plus there are props to make and prepare.

What’s been the weirdest game you’ve done so far?

The weirdest one for my money we’ve done is ‘Shape This Mash’, where one team had to shape a lump of mashed potato into Lionel Richie’s face, while the others had to shape it into the Arc de Triomphe. That being said, simplicity means the contestants can add their own genius, so it’s a balancing act.

I’m dying to know whether the Arc de Triomphe was better or worse than Lionel Richie.

Lionel Richie was imashulate.

Lionel Richie head in mashed potato versus clay from Hello video

Lionel Richie in mash is something I can’t unsee now…

This Next Act Presents: Is This Enough? #2 is at the Kingsdown Vaults on Sunday 12 May at 8pm. It’s free, but there will be a bucket at the end of the show, for donations to the male suicide prevention charity CALM. Click here to find out more.