New comedy night alert! And this one will teach you a lesson or two…

Supply Teacher Assembly is Bristol’s newest, strangest and most diverse comedy night. Regular host Ben Thurston (you can call him Mr Thurston) is your stand in teacher, facilitating the school assembly monthly at the Bristol Fringe Bar in Princess Victoria Street, Clifton.

Each month a hand picked selection of performers entertain in their chosen way on the day’s topic. The first of these is themed around Sunshine and takes place on Thursday May 24th at 8pm. The night promises to be chaotic, varied and very very funny.

The first show is headlined by local favourite George Rigden, lauded by the Bristol Post as the city’s 30th funniest person. Performers on the night include the incredibly hilarious Becky Brunning, the superbly entertaining Martin Pilgrim and the electric Tim Goodings.

Supply Teacher Assembly welcomes performers of all sorts – jugglers, musicians, dancers, burlesque performers, fanfic writers, poets, stand up comedians and anything else you can make funny. There is even the possibility of writers who would like to see their work performed on stage submitting scripts and letting the night’s acts have a bash.

Host and creator Ben Thurston is a popular South West comedian who has been performing for 5 years. He says “I want to open up a space where people can try new ideas, create nonsense and experiment with any sort of insanity without fear of failure. The sort of people who I’m hoping will be involved on an ongoing basis are inclusive and creative and hopefully we can form a community of audience and performers which becomes something brilliant. Or we won’t and we’ll stop doing it quite soon.”

Entry is just 3 pounds and anyone who is interested in performing is encouraged to come along and check out the first one on May 24th. It promises to be an interesting addition to Bristol’s burgeoning comedy scene and offers something different than any other night currently running.

And remember – it’s your own time you’re wasting.