We’re looking for a few good Kettlers

The Kettle is a volunteer outfit, and we’re always looking for help. If you’re interested, we’re specifically looking for people to help with:

Getting the word out
We grow our membership through word-of-mouth and by getting cards out to punters. If you attend comedy regularly, you could help by bringing our cards to the events, placing them on tables (with permission of course) and handing them out to punters as they leave.

Keeping the calendar up to date
If you have any interest/experience with WordPress or MailChimp, we can always use help keeping things synced up and accurate.

Creating great content
Photos, blogs, posts and graphic design are always needed and appreciate. If you have an idea for an article, or would like to

Improving the tech tools we use
If you’re handy with HTML/CSS, theming WordPress, or general web dev, we might need some help down the line.

If any of that sounds interesting, or if you have other ideas how you could pitch in, please take a second to fill out this little form thing-thing.

Thanks in advance!